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  • नेपाल सेरोफेरो

    Elderly pilgrims laud free rickshaw service at Pashupatinath temple area

  • Oct 2, 2018-

    The Elderly Society of Nepal (ESN) and the National Federation of Disabled (NFD) have welcomed Pashupati Area Development Trust’s (PADT) free transport service for the elderly, disabled and pregnant women up to the main entrance of the Pashupatinath temple.

    The PADT on Sunday launched the first free electric auto-rickshaw service from Char Shivalaya to the southern entrance of the temple. Two eight-seat electric auto-rickshaws transfer devotees, from the three categories mentioned above, to the main temple.

    The elderly, disabled and pregnant women faced hardships  to walk up to the main temple to worship after the PADT stopped vehicles at the gate.

    The iconic Hindu temple is one of the eight cultural heritage sites in the Kathmandu valley listed by UNESCO. The temple attracts hundreds of devotees from all over the country as well as foreign tourists.


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